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We are the Center for Innovation, Design, and Digital Learning (CIDDL), a national center to improve faculty capacity to use educational technology in special education, early intervention, related services preparation and leadership personnel preparation programs.

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We started a community of higher education faculty members focused on sharing tips and tricks, research-based practices, and strategies for innovative use of educational technology in educator or leadership preparation programs.

This is a place where we build connectedness, share varied opinions, and bring together our knowledge about leveraging technology to support all students.

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"CIDDL will change the culture of tech attitudes, adoption, and use to realize pedagogical promise in terms of practice, outcomes, and innovation." -Dr. James Basham

"We aim to bring together leaders in technology and special education in an expanding human and digital network that allows users to connect, share, learn, develop, ignite, and sustain innovative practices that support all students." -Dr. Jose Blackorby

CIDDL Cizzles: Upcoming Episode October 20th at 5pm ET!

Chef Ling Zhang: Personalized Learning and Dumplings

Join Ling Zhang as she discusses personalized learning and shows us how to make dumplings.

CIDDL Cizzles: Recipes + Tech Tools for Faculty

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Chef Bryan Dean: Mother Sauces and Technology Evaluation

December 2, 2022
Season 2 CIDDL Cizzles gets saucy as Bryan Dean connects universal ‘Mother Sauces” to technology evaluation. Starting with a simple 1:1 roux of starch (all-purpose flour) and a fat (butter), Bryan creates four mother sauces to be used as the base for a wide variety of meals.
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Chef Ling Zhang: Dumplings and Personalized Learning

November 3, 2022
In our newest CIDDL Cizzles, Ling Zhang discusses what dumplings and personalized learning (PL) have in common. Much like, there is a wide variety to make dumplings, there is vast variability of technology to help teachers implement effective PL.
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Chef Dave Merves: Pancakes and Program Evaluation

September 28, 2022
In our newest CIDDL Cizzles, Dave Merves discusses what pancakes and program evaluation have in common. Dr. Dave Merves has been in education for the past 16 years as a program evaluator for educational technology grants. His first career was as an internationally classically trained chef specializing in pastries.

Faculty and EdTech Learning Opportunities

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 at 12:00 pm CST | 1:00 pm

Orientation and Mobility faculty across two IHEs share thoughts on the current technology, knowledge, and skills needed for educators preparing to enter the field. Panelists will help participants think about how to design instruction so that learning extends beyond the technology used in the course and generalizes to varied instructional settings. Topics include the core pillars for instruction in orientation and mobility, designing orientation and mobility courses from a UDL lens, and barriers to teaching orientation and mobility virtually. The panelists will consider needs for both low and high tech devices and instruction in face to face and virtual settings. Towards the end of the webinar, panelists will identify intriguing or enticing opportunities in the orientation and mobility field and what participants should consider for the future. Register for this upcoming webinar.

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