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Tech Lovers Conference Packing List

CIDDL is gearing up for the Council for Exceptional Children’s Convention in Louisville which means we are gathering all of our favorite tech to bring to the convention. CIDDL will have a large presence at the Tech Playground at the conference, which means we’re bringing all of our fun tech for you to try! And, when tech lovers and experts come together, you know they have to make sure they have all of their goodies and gear to use, show off, and collaborate with.

Artificial Intelligence: Positives and Negatives in the Mathematics Classroom

In the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has had a major impact on mathematics learning in the classroom. From virtual math tutors and apps to interactive calculators and problem-solving programs, AI has revolutionized how students learn math. With AI-powered tools such as Photomath, Desmos, Geogebra, and Microsoft Math Solver, math has become easier to understand, analyze and solve.
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Chef Dr. Allison Leggett: Cizzling Corn Cakes and Distributive Ledgers

Dr. Allison Leggett, who oversees the teacher preparation program at the University of California, Los Angeles Extension, and her sous chef, Edrick Leggett joined CIDDL’s Christine Parsons in the CIDDL Cizzle’s kitchen to discuss distributive ledgers and make her grandmother’s Southern Corn Cakes.