A Mosaic of Fajitas

CIDDL Cizzles with Chefs Nicole and Izzy Galante

Author: Brian Grace; info@ciddl.org

Dr. Nicole Galante and her brother, Izzy Galante, have  50 years of combined educational experience and have created Mosaic for instructional design.

Mosaic is an instructional planning platform that allows teachers to access ongoing support whether they are at day one or 25 years in their career. Training and resources are updated to create a repository of resources that can be accessed and referred to. As teachers reflect on how they may need to modify classroom planning each year. As a technology, Mosaic can reach various school settings, populations, and accessible features. Mosaic also assists pre-service teachers in understanding what decisions they make affect classrooms.

The most motivated students are unable to perform without structure and function. Teachers need to account for all the possibilities, and Mosaic offers to connect teachers to feedback on combining big-picture problem solving to each task the students undertake. For example, the Galante Family Fajita's lesson plan includes three frames: workflow, input, and coaching. The Galante's demonstrates how Mosaic can be used to plan for multiple entry points into a lesson using Mosaic. Starting with a standards-based approach, Mosaic allows teachers to build around the choices they make, whether the local, state, national or school-specific frameworks, to the system for supporting teachers to assist them in meeting expectations.

So what's in a Fajita?

Using Mosaic as a platform to create multiple pathways to engage in a lesson is like individualizing a recipe to each person who wants to make it. Every format can be accounted for, and the specifics can be tailored to a teacher's individual strengths. A pinch of salt is different for each chef, as is a pinch of experimentation in a classroom. Izzy and Nicole highlight the differences in style while making fajitas with their unique ingredients and plating. Each follows the plan developed in Mosaic to create different delicious dishes to be devoured.

Get Involved

Be sure to watch Dr. Nicole Galante, and Izzy Galante's full CIDDL CIZZLE to learn more about Mosaic Lesson Planning and its uses. The competition isn't over yet! After you finish watching, you are invited to be a judge of the Cizzle by rating the chef in the areas of connection, preparation, and aesthetics using the CDDL Cizzle Rating System at the bottom of the page. More CIDDL Cizzles can be found on the CIDDL Events webpage. Check out the CIDDL website for more resources related to the innovative uses of technology in special education and related services personnel preparation programs.