Syrup is actively poured over a large stack of pancakes on a white plate. A glass of orange juice sits in the background.

Chef Dave Merves: Pancakes and Program Evaluation

In our newest CIDDL Cizzles, Dave Merves discusses what pancakes and program evaluation have in common. Dr. Dave Merves has been in education for the past 16 years as a program evaluator for educational technology grants. His first career was as an internationally classically trained chef specializing in pastries.
A clock (which can be used as an Assistive Technology) and words saying "Time Management"

FOCUS To-Do Increases Time Management Skills in Pre-Service Teachers

This is post 7 of 9 in the series “Assistive Technology” Assisting Teachers in Understanding Assistive Technology: What Recent Research Says Introducing the Assistive Technology Blog Series Preparing Pre-Service Educators to Make AT Decisions 3 Key Questions When Considering Assistive…