Dumplings and Personalized Learning

CIDDL Cizzles with Chef Ling Zhang

Author: Tahnee Wilder; info@ciddl.org

In our newest CIDDL Cizzles, Ling Zhang discusses what dumplings and personalized learning (PL) have in common. Dr. Ling Zhang appreciates any opportunity to connect with individuals who have beliefs, desires, and passion for using innovations to improve learner experiences in all educational settings.

Personalized learning (PL) positions the student's needs at the core, emphasizing self-pacing, mastery-learning, and small-group tutoring (Keefe & Jenkins, 2008; Keller, 1968). Much like, there is a wide variety to make dumplings, there is vast variability of technology to help teachers implement effective PL. Similar to tasting the fillings before wrapping them in the dough, testing the technology before utilizing it would benefit the classroom culture. Whether you prefer your dumpling pan-fried with a crunch or soft, doughy, and boiled, it can reveal a lot about the technology you may use in the classroom. Most importantly, co-creating your classroom with your students, the appropriate use of technology and pedagogical principles of an inclusive framework (e.g., Universal Design for Learning), and the potential support for educators to implement PL effectively is limitless (Zhang et al., 2020).  

Tips in Technology for Personalized Learning:

  • Start with the technology you already have access to. There are adaptive learning systems, Intelligent tutoring systems that automatically customize learning pathways for students. LMS systems (e.g., Canvas) Nearpod, Flipgrid, and Google Classroom can help design lessons for interactive/hands-on learning experiences.
  • Test the technology with lesson plans.
  • Self-evaluate. Search for feedback from your students. 
  • Co-create the learning environment.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues, stakeholders, and students to figure out what pieces of technology work for you.

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