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Chef Tiffanie Zaugg: Banana Cream Pie and AI

Author: Jenee

Tiffanie Zaugg is a doctoral student at the University of Central Florida. She studies STEM and personalized learning and has worked as a general education teacher, special education teacher, and special education consultant. She’s here for the second edition of CIDDL Cizzle Season 3 with her banana cream pie. She discussed artificial intelligence tools ChatGPT and Rewordify for scaffolding texts to individual learner needs.

AI to Support Universal Design

Tiffany took a unique approach to her Cizzle- she used ChatGPT to generate her banana cream pie recipe and Rewordify to modify the recipe for diverse learner needs! For example, she used Rewordify to change “meringue” to simple English and ChatGPT to help students understand directions to form egg white peaks. Tiffany also used closed captions throughout her cooking to ensure audio directions were accessible to viewers who were deaf or hard of hearing. Finally, she demonstrated additional applications of AI in the classroom. She used ChatGPT to summarize a chapter in a fourth-grade fiction book and Rewordify to scaffold the text.

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