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What is a CIDDL Cizzles?

CIDDL Cizzles is a gamified professional development evening with one educational technology advocate as the Cizzle chef. At each meeting, the chef highlights an innovative technology in relation to teacher preparation and "Cizzles" a related meal.

The chef will have 5-8 minutes to discuss the technology and 5-8 minutes to discuss or demonstrate cooking the dish.

An image of two cooks and some food

What to Expect for Each Cizzle Event


The chef explains the technology piece and what they are cooking


The chef explains what the technology is and why you should use it


The chef explains what they are making and why it connects to the technology


The chef provides additional resources that support the use of the technology piece

Next Chef

Another chef will tell you more about technology and give you another recipe

Upcoming Episode of CIDDL Cizzles

Chef Dr. Allison Leggett: Cizzing Corn Cakes and Distributive Ledgers
January 25th at 4pm ET

Join Dr. Allison Leggett as she discusses distributive ledgers and makes her grandmother’s Southern Corn Cakes. You'll be able to join us right here on January 25th to view the Cizzle episode.

Chef Bryan Dean: The Five Mother Sauces
November 17th at 4pm ET

Join Bryan Dean as he discusses how to craft the perfect sauce - both in the kitchen and using technology. You'll be able to join us right here on November 17th to view the Cizzle episode.

CIDDL Cizzles: Past Episodes

Chef Ling Zhang: Personalized Learning and Dumplings

image with multiple small square blocks.

Chef Dr. Allison Leggett: Cizzling Corn Cakes and Distributive Ledgers

By Samantha Goldman | February 1, 2023
Dr. Allison Leggett, who oversees the teacher preparation program at the University of California, Los Angeles Extension, and her sous chef, Edrick Leggett joined CIDDL’s Christine Parsons in the CIDDL Cizzle’s kitchen to discuss distributive ledgers and make her grandmother’s Southern Corn Cakes.
A person whisking a roux in a pan on the stove.

Chef Bryan Dean: Mother Sauces and Technology Evaluation

By Michelle Patterson | December 2, 2022
Season 2 CIDDL Cizzles gets saucy as Bryan Dean connects universal ‘Mother Sauces” to technology evaluation. Starting with a simple 1:1 roux of starch (all-purpose flour) and a fat (butter), Bryan creates four mother sauces to be used as the base for a wide variety of meals.
An individual filling dumpling shells with chopsticks.

Chef Ling Zhang: Dumplings and Personalized Learning

By Tahnee Wilder | November 3, 2022
In our newest CIDDL Cizzles, Ling Zhang discusses what dumplings and personalized learning (PL) have in common. Much like, there is a wide variety to make dumplings, there is vast variability of technology to help teachers implement effective PL.
Syrup is actively poured over a large stack of pancakes on a white plate. A glass of orange juice sits in the background.

Chef Dave Merves: Pancakes and Program Evaluation

By Tahnee Wilder | September 28, 2022
In our newest CIDDL Cizzles, Dave Merves discusses what pancakes and program evaluation have in common. Dr. Dave Merves has been in education for the past 16 years as a program evaluator for educational technology grants. His first career was as an internationally classically trained chef specializing in pastries.
A sheetpan is spread with colorful veggies and cut up chicken breasts.

Feature Matching and Sheet Pan Chicken with Chef Michelle Patterson

By Ashley Grays | August 31, 2022
In our newest CIDDL Cizzles, Michelle Patterson discusses assistive technology and the importance of feature matching to ensure student success. Michelle has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Central Florida in the Department of Exceptional Student Education and previously served as a Technology Resource Specialist as part of a Florida statewide discretionary project to meet the needs of K12 students with disabilities through the implementation of UDL, Assistive Technology, and Accessible Educational Materials.
A culinary view of a cast iron skillet filled with fajita ingredients like chicken, green peppers, and onions.

A Mosaic of Fajitas: CIDDL Cizzles with Chefs Nicole and Izzy Galante

By Brian Grace | August 11, 2022
Dr. Nicole Galante and her brother, Izzy Galante, have 50 years of combined educational experience and have created Mosaic for instructional design.
A chef grills chicken wings on a bbq grill.

Information Literacy While Wingin’ Kansas City BBQ: CIDDL Cizzles with Chef James Basham

By Brian Grace | July 7, 2022
Information Literacy While Wingin’ Kansas City BBQ CIDDL Cizzles with Chef James Basham Author: Brian Grace; Kicking off Season II of CIDDL Cizzles is our great leader, Dr. James…
Headshot of Sean Smith sits next to a photo of cut up fried chicken.

Cluckin’ About Virtual Reality and Social Skills

By | November 22, 2021
Cluckin’ About Virtual Reality and Social Skills CIDDL Cizzles with Chef Sean Smith Author: Samantha Goldman Dr. Sean Smith, Professor in special education at the University of Kansas (KU), and…

What You “Knead” to Know about Homemade Pizza and JSET

By | November 2, 2021
What You “Knead” to Know about Homemade Pizza and JSET CIDDL Cizzles with Chef Michael Kennedy Author: Michelle Patterson CIDDL Cizzles welcomed Dr. Michael Kennedy, Associate Professor in Special Education…
Headshot of Cassandra Williams next to an image of casserole.

Peachy Keen Ways to Bring iPads into the Classroom

By | October 11, 2021
Peachy Keen Ways to Bring iPads into the Classroom CIDDL Cizzles with Chef Cassandra Williams Author: Samantha Goldman It’s time to “pour it on thick” as Dr. Cassandra Williams of…


The cook is scored (1 poor – 5 outstanding) by the remainder of the panel & audience across three areas:


Demonstrates an authentic connection between the technology and the meal


Integrates the technology during the preparation process


Connects aesthetics of the final dish to the user interface of the technology