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We, as a national center, aim to develop, research, and use the design that promotes the positive impact of educational technology in special education, early intervention, and related services. Check out this post to read more about Design within the CIDDL framework.


Telehealth: A tele-therapist who is using a phone

Occupational Therapy Student Telehealth Experiences

Author: Jake Benich, Hannah Stoll, Grace Fulton; info@ciddl.org Who We Are?  We are new occupational therapy (OT) graduates who recently completed their doctoral capstone projects involving telehealth. Our projects involved …

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Using UDL and Technology to enhance Learning for All

Author: Nicholas Hoekstra info@ciddl.org In the June CIDDL Research and Practice Brief, we interview Dr. Loui Lord Nelson. Dr. Nelson is an author, consultant, and host of the podcast UDL …

An Image of Collage Classroom (engagement)

Engaging Our Learners: Tips, Tools, and Strategies

Author: Sean Smith, Nicholas Hoekstra; info@ciddl.org Today’s blog about tips, tools, and strategies for enhancing engagement in the classroom is based on the following video produced by Professor Sean Smith …

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Designing Accessible Presentations in PowerPoint

Author: Nicholas Hoekstra; info@ciddl.org The PowerPoint presentation is ubiquitous in classrooms around the world, and for good reason. PowerPoint is a powerful multimedia software that allows teachers to present information …

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Digital Books and Universal Design for Learning

Author: Nicholas Hoekstra; info@ciddl.org Accessible Textbooks? One of the most quintessential features of any class or course is the textbook: the go-to source for structure, knowledge, and exercises for almost …