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This Week’s CIDDL Spotlight

Image shows Dr. Sean Smith virtually presenting on engaging learners.

Did you miss Dr. Sean Smith’s presentation on Engaging our Learners?

Click here to see it on YouTube

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Recent CIDDL Blogs

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May 14th

Why CIDDL? A Glimpse of Our Mission

by the CIDDL Team


May 13th

Engaging Our Learners: Tips, Tools, and Strategies

by Dr. Sean Smith & Nicholas Hoekstra


May 6th

Designing Accessible Presentations in PowerPoint 

by Nicholas Hoekstra

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May 13th – 7pm ET / 4pm PST

Podcasting and Recipe for Baking Bread

by Dr. Trey Vasquez, University of Central Florida


May 27th – 7pm ET / 4pm PST

Technology and Recipe #3

by Dr. Richard Carter, University of Wyoming

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