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We, as a national center, aim to provide resources that support the tools, practices, and research needed to support effective knowledge, adoption, and use of educational technology in higher education and birth through 21 learning environments. Check out this post to read more about Instruction within the CIDDL framework.


A boy playing video games with his headphones on

CIDDL Cizzles: How Can Video Games and Key Lime Pie Support Fractions Learning?

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org What might come to your mind when you’re eating a Key Lime Pie? CIDDL’s Christine Parsons and Dr. Ling Zhang bring contestant #1, Dr. Mattew Marino, …

An image of Alexa (voice user interface) device

CIDDL Cizzles: Voice User Interface and At-Home Learning

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org Have you ever wondered what would make your cooking time more interesting? How about learning something new while cooking? To spice up your cooking time, CIDDL’s …

An image of social media icons

Making Your Social Media More Accessible

Author: Nicholas J. Hoekstra; Michelle S. Patterson; info@ciddl.org Chances are, you have engaged with social media sometime in the last several minutes. Estimates from 2020 indicate that the average adult …

An image showing student responses in different formats

Tools and Tips for Gathering Student Feedback

Author: Tania Lee; info@ciddl.org One approach to checking in with students is by calling on raised hands during class. However, this may only give you a limited view of the …

Icons of multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Pinning, Posting, and Tweeting: Making Your Social Media Accessible Through UDL

Author: Nicholas J. Hoekstra; Michelle S. Patterson; info@ciddl.org How can I make my social media more accessible? Social media provides teachers boundless opportunities to build communities while offering a flexible …