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We, as a national center, aim to provide resources that support the tools, practices, and research needed to support effective knowledge, adoption, and use of educational technology in higher education and birth through 21 learning environments. Check out this post to read more about Instruction within the CIDDL framework.


Icons of multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Pinning, Posting, and Tweeting: Making Your Social Media Accessible Through UDL

Author: Nicholas J. Hoekstra; Michelle S. Patterson; info@ciddl.org How can I make my social media more accessible? Social media provides teachers boundless opportunities to build communities while offering a flexible …

Two women using sign language

Emerging Technology For Teaching And Learning Sign Language

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org In an earlier CIDDL Research and Practice Brief, we interviewed Dr. Lorna Quandt, who is an Assistant Professor in the Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience (PEN) program at …

A photo showing a sign of an accessible entry on a wall

Creating System-Wide Change for the Provision of Accessible Educational Materials

Author: Nicholas Hoekstra info@ciddl.org In the July 2021 CIDDL Research and Practice Brief, we interviewed Cynthia Curry, who is the Director of Technical Assistance and Program Director at the National Center on Accessible …

Telehealth: A tele-therapist who is using a phone

Occupational Therapy Student Telehealth Experiences

Author: Jake Benich, Hannah Stoll, Grace Fulton; info@ciddl.org Who We Are?  We are new occupational therapy (OT) graduates who recently completed their doctoral capstone projects involving telehealth. Our projects involved …

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Using UDL and Technology to enhance Learning for All

Author: Nicholas Hoekstra info@ciddl.org In the June CIDDL Research and Practice Brief, we interview Dr. Loui Lord Nelson. Dr. Nelson is an author, consultant, and host of the podcast UDL …