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A picture of three computers and digitalized globe at the background, forming an AI world.

AI Episode 3: Implications for Thought Leaders and Policy Developers

Author: Matthew Marino; info@ciddl.org In Episode 1 and Episode 2, we briefly described Artificial Intelligence in education and discussed how an AI teaching assistant looks like. To continue the conversation, what will the …

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AI Episode 2: What Does An AI Teaching Assistant Look Like?

Author: Matthew Marino; info@ciddl.org Jill Watson, an AI teaching assistant developed at Georgia Tech, turned 5 this year. Jill has been steadily improving since her 2016 rollout in Ashok Goel’s …

An image of laptop (i.e., learning technology) demonstrating a human brain on its screen.

My Vision for CIDDL: A Word from Mattew Marino

Author: Matthew Marino; info@ciddl.org Colleagues, I have witnessed the positive impact technologies have on students with disabilities for more than two decades. During that time, I used technology as a …

A picture showing three educators discussing micro-credentials

Leveraging Competency-Based Micro-credentials

Author: CIDDL Team; info@ciddl.org Micro-credentials (MCs) have gained increased traction in the field of education as an innovative model that addresses educators’ diverse professional learning needs, interests, and goals. MCs …

Image of a robot (artificial intelligence)

AI Episode 1: Intro to Artificial Intelligence in Teaching

Author: Matthew Marino, Co-Principal Investigator of CIDDL; info@ciddl.org Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed how we interact with the world. AI gives us the ability to talk into our phones and …