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CIDDList: 10 Podcasts You Should Listen to This Summer

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org

It’s hard to believe that the spring semester is almost over. Whether you are teaching classes this summer, taking an exotic vacation (check out our must-haves for packing), or staycationing from your couch, summer is this elusive time when you tell yourself you will do everything that you didn’t during the academic year. One of those, for me at least, is catching up on the trending topics in education. 

Here are 5 podcasts from my favorites:

  1. UDL in 15 minutes with Dr. Loui Lord NelsonJust what it sounds like! Information about UDL in just 15 minutes. Perfect, bite-sized learning!
  2. Silver Linings for Learning with Drs. Chris Dede, Curt Bonk, Punya Mishra, and Yong ZhaoThis podcast focuses on the future of learning for educators, education leaders, innovators, and learners.
  3. Practical Access with Drs. Lisa Dieker and Rebecca Hines. An informal look at situations that parents, teachers, and people with disabilities have encountered.
  4. Edu Duct Tape with Jake Miller. Though not focused exclusively on students with disabilities, this is a great podcast for bringing edtech into your classrooms because it is LOADED with practical ideas and tools.
  5. The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Vicki Davis. Teaching strategies and ideas and even interviews with teachers in 10 minutes. Love a good quick podcast!

And 5 recs from ChatGPT, who made it clear that it cannot rank, as it is a language model AI:

  1. EdTech Times with Michael B. Horn. Focuses on the intersection of technology and education
  2. EdTech Podcast with Sophie Bailey. When I say all things edtech, this podcast has you covered.
  3. EdSurge on Air. It’s similar to the EdSurge articles but in podcast form!
  4. Teaching in Higher Ed with Bonni Stachowiak. This one hones in on specific issues professors have in higher ed teaching.
  5. The Cult of Pedagogy with Jennifer Gonzalez . A great listen that is practitioner-based.

So, you listened and thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts… now what?

 Here are a few suggestions as to how you can bring them into your courses. 

  1. Assign them to your students as their “readings”. Offer them the choice to read the traditional article or text or listen to the podcast. Oftentimes I have found that I can find a podcast and/or video that aligns with my chosen topic. Providing choice in how my students get the information allows me to model UDL in action!
  2. Share them with colleagues! Podcasts usually are quick snippets of tips and tricks that are easily digestible and, since you can listen wherever you are, are a great way to pass time (at the gym, on long drives, or in the grocery store). Share your newfound knowledge!
  3. Bring the tech and innovation you learned about into your class! Maybe you listened to Edu Duct Tape and heard about a great edtech for formative assessment, or maybe you learned some new strategies from Practical Access. Use this new or additional knowledge to add to your courses. It’s an easy way to bring technology and innovation into your coursework.

What are your favorites?

Podcasts seem to be in vogue right now and we want to hear about your favorites related to personnel preparation, technology, innovation, all the things. Head over to our community and join the conversation!