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CIDDList: Podcasts for Your Summer Listen List

Authors: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org

The 2023-2024 academic year is ending. For some, this means hours in the car on road trips. For others, it means relaxing by the pool. And, others might be teaching summer courses. Regardless of how you are spending your summer months, this CIDDLlist is dedicated to providing you with podcasts you can listen to as you (1) catch up on professional learning, (2) forward planning for your future courses (check out this blog on how you can use podcasts as course “readings”), and (3) learn more about fringe interests. 

  1. Practical Access: This podcast is hosted by Dr. Lisa Dieker, a professor at the University of Kansas, and Dr. Rebecca Hines, a professor at the University of Central Florida, focuses on providing practical solutions for teachers, parents, and people with disabilities. While this podcast does not explicitly focus on using technology to support teachers, there are so many tidbits within these podcasts that integrate technology. Check out the episode that highlights social learning in VR with CIDDL PI Dr. Sean Smith (and learn more about VOISS with our Research to Practice Brief)
  2. The AI Daily Brief: While this podcast does not specifically relate to special education, or education as a whole, it does focus on the daily developments of AI. Researchers and practitioners who are interested in learning more about the world of AI should consider spending 15-minutes a day with this podcast to stay up-to-date on all things AI. 
  3. UDL in 15 Mins: This podcast, hosted by Dr. Loui Lord Nelson, focuses on the implementation of Universal Design for Learning. Considering design in instruction, and preparing teachers to be designers, is a critical component of meaningful technology integration. 
  4. Silver Linings for Learning with Drs. Chris Dede, Curt Bonk, Punya Mishra, and Yong Zhao (one of our CIDDL PIs). This podcast focuses on the future of learning for educators, education leaders, innovators, and learners. Recent episodes focus on the future of higher education, a review of the National Ed Tech Plan, and ASU’s Generative AI Journey.
  5. The Teacher Education Division (TED) of CEC and Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) have launched the Collaboration Podcast, which focuses on bringing awareness to policy and advocacy resources for educators. 

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