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CIDDList: Replacements for Your Retiring Favorites

Authors: Samantha Goldman;

If you haven’t heard, Google is retiring Jamboard and Microsoft is limiting availability of Flip to those with Teams accounts. While this news may require some revisions to courses and classrooms, it allows teacher-educators and special education personnel to leverage newer innovations in their curriculum. Thus, this CIDDList will highlight tools you can use to replace these well-loved sites. 

Google’s Jamboard: A Fancy Interactive Whiteboard

Jamboard provided an interactive and collaborative whiteboard that could be used across devices. While this tool has helped many teachers and teacher-educators provide a unique method to represent the curriculum and have students express their knowledge, the tool itself is not unique. Several available tools with more features can be used in its place.

Here’s a table of replacement tools for Jamboard created entirely in Copilot. Watch a video of the prompts that led to this table

ToolFeaturesIntegrationsPlatformsPricing ModelLimitations (Free Model)
Canva WhiteboardCollaborate in real-time with infinite space, customizable templates, and AI tools.Canva content libraryWeb, iOS, AndroidFreemium
  • Enjoy unlimited space for collaboration.
  • Customize templates for meetings or lessons.
  • Access Canva’s entire content library, including sticky notes and special graphics.
  • Real-time collaboration with team members.
ClickUp WhiteboardThe virtual whiteboard that turns ideas into coordinated actions.ClickUp, Google DriveWeb, iOS, AndroidFreemium
  • Limited to 100MB storage for whiteboards
  • Basic task management features; advanced features require a paid plan.
  • No advanced reporting or automation.
FigJamAn online collaborative whiteboard for teams.Google WorkspaceWeb, iOS, AndroidFreemium
  • Limited storage space for saved jams.
  •  Basic integrations are available, but advanced integrations require a paid plan.
  • No advanced security features.
MiroThe visual workspace for innovation.Slack, Jira, Trello, Microsoft 365Web, iOS, AndroidFreemium
  • Limited to three editable boards in the free plan.
  • Limited integrations compared to paid plans.
  • No advanced collaboration analytics.
MuralA secure, flexible, visual work platform.Slack, Microsoft Teams, JiraWeb, iOS, AndroidFreemium
  • Limited to three active murals.
  • Basic integrations available, but advanced integrations require a paid plan.
  • No advanced data export options.
Webex AppA secure, all-in-one team collaboration app.Cisco WebexWeb, iOS, Android, WindowsFreemium
  • Limited to 50 participants in whiteboard sessions.
  • Basic drawing tools and advanced features like shape recognition require a paid plan.
  • No advanced compliance features.

Microsoft’s Flip:

Microsoft’s Flip allows students to provide video responses and interactions, allowing for asynchronous conversations. However, several tools can be used to replace it. 

Here’s a table of replacement tools for Flip created entirely in Copilot. Here’s the prompt used to create the table: “Create a table that lists replacements for Miicrosoft's Flip that includes the tool name, description, use cases, how it differs from Flip, the pricing model, and limitations of the free version.”

Tool NameDescriptionUse CasesDifferences from FlipPricing ModelLimitations
Explain EverythingInteractive whiteboard and screencasting tool. Allows annotation, recording, and collaboration.Presentations, tutorials, and visual explanations.Strong focus on whiteboard-style interactions.Freemium with paid plans.Limited features in the free version.
FigmaCollaborative design tool for building meaningful products. Includes design, prototyping, development, and feedback collection.UI/UX design, prototyping, and team collaboration.Real-time collaboration, vector graphics editor, prototyping tools.Freemium with paid plans.Limited features in the free version.
PadletCollaborative platform where students can add videos to posts using Video Booth.Video discussions, reflections, and collaborative assignments.Not video-centric like Flip.Freemium with paid plans.Limited features in free version.
Screencastify SubmitScreen recording tool for student assignments and assessments.Screencasts, project submissions, tutorials.Focused on screen recording.Freemium with paid plans.Limited recording time and features in free version.
Vimeo + FigJamIntegration of Vimeo videos with FigJam for collaborative visual discussions.Visual brainstorming collaborative planning.Unique combination of video and visual collaboration.Paid Vimeo plans, free FigJam.Limited features in free FigJam.
VoiceThreadWeb application for asynchronous student engagement. Users can create, share, and comment on various media types.Video discussions, reflections, multimedia collaboration.Supports multiple media types beyond video.Freemium with paid plans.Limited features in free version.

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