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CIDDL’s Tech Toolbox is Coming! Learn More!

Author: Samantha Goldman;

Do you have a knack for technology? Can you explain complex tech-related concepts in simple, concise, and understandable terms? If so, then we need your help! The Center for Innovation in Digital Learning and Design (CIDDL) is on a mission to create a comprehensive toolbox of tech videos and briefs. This toolbox aims to support faculty in effectively integrating and using new, existing, and emerging technologies in their courses.

Join us in making learning better with technology

The world is rapidly advancing, and education is no exception. Today, technology plays a crucial role in learning and teaching, providing new and innovative ways to share knowledge, engage students, and enhance learning outcomes. Recognizing this, CIDDL is dedicated to helping faculty members navigate the evolving educational technology landscape.

And here's where we need your expertise. We're launching a project to create a toolbox of tech videos and briefs - a rich resource of information and guidance on various technologies that can be used in teaching. We’re looking to cover a broad range of topics, from tutorials on using specific software to overviews of emerging tech trends in education. And your insights and experiences can add immense value to this endeavor.

Take Part in Our Office Hour

To kick-start this project, we're hosting an office hour where we'll walk you through creating your own videos and briefs. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to understand what we're looking for and how you can contribute. Plus, it's a great forum to have your questions answered and share your ideas. So, whether you're a seasoned tech expert or a passionate enthusiast, we invite you to join us and participate in this exciting project.

Mark Your Calendars!

The Office Hour is scheduled for Feb 7, 2024 at 7 am PST, 9 am CST, 10 am EST

For additional information, please visit our website

We look forward to your participation in this venture to enhance the quality of education with the power of technology.

Together, let's make a difference!

For Zoom information and to RSVP, head over to the Toolbox section of our community!

An Extra Tech Tip

This blog post was written by Canva and refined by Samantha. Did you know that Canva’s AI can turn graphics into blog posts or emails, can summarize them, or even turn them into poems and songs? Here’s the poem Canva wrote about this event!

In an hour at the office, where knowledge is power,
Where 'Tech Toolbox' stands tall, like a towering tower.
CIDDL weaves a tapestry, with threads of technology,
For faculty members to enhance their pedagogy.

Oh, we need your assistance, your unique perspective,
To create videos, briefs, and a tech directive.
To kick-start this endeavor, we offer a guiding tour,
An office hour of learning, of knowledge to explore.

Visit, delve into the info vast,
Find the date, Feb 7, 2024, approaching fast.
At dawn for PST, for CST it's nine,
And for those in EST, it's ten, the hour's quite divine.

So, join us at the 'Tech Toolbox', where ideas take flight,
Where the office hour is more than a date and a time,
It's a beacon, a guide, in the technological night,
Feb 7, 2024, at a time that's right.

7 am for PST, 9 for CST, and 10 for EST,
An opportunity, a chance, to be at our best.
In the realm of technology, where ideas never rest,
Come, join the office hour, be part of our quest.