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Following Up on Apple Vision Pro: Release Date Announced

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org

This past June, Apple announced its new AR/VR/XR headset. In a previous CIDDL blog, we explored the differences between AR/VR/XR and discussed the implications of the new device on special education. But, in June, Apple had yet to release a date, and limited details were available. 

It’s Coming!

Preorders began on January 19, 2024, at 5 am PST, and the devices became officially available on February 2. According to CNET, the device will have 256GB of storage, including head straps, seals, cushions, covers, polishing cloth, battery, and charging cables. The price tag? $3,499.

What Can It Do?

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer that allows users to put on the headset and transform their worlds into the virtual. The Vision OS, Apple’s first spatial operating system, will enable users to see the world around them with the familiar apps laid on top. Navigation occurs with eyes, hand gestures, scrolling and selecting, and using speech to search. It also has a 3D camera and can create 3D experiences. Gameplay and movie-watching experiences are said to be unique and unforgettable. Apps like messaging, Facetime, and the Internet are accessible within Vision Pro. Something notable about the device is that, because the lens is see-through when wearing it, you can see and interact with others physically in the room, and they can interact with you. 

Potential for Special Education

This innovative technology looks like something out of a science fiction film. There is so much potential to support students and teachers with this technology! The potential seems endless, from using social skills prompting to teacher coaching. Join the conversation about how you might use them in our community!