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Innovative Technologies Highlighted in the Super Bowl and the Implications for Teacher Education

Author: Samantha Goldman;

Given that CIDDL “resides” at the University of Kansas, we must highlight the Super Bowl and the KC Chiefs. While the game was exciting and, at times, stressful, the commercials, as always, highlighted some innovative and emerging technologies of particular interest to CIDDL.

Google Pixels’ Guided Frame

Google Pixel’s commercial featuring technology to support individuals with visual impairments in taking pictures indeed pulled at the heartstrings. The technology uses AI to detect faces in images and voice to support users in centering them in the frame. You can view the commercial here. Google Pixel is putting accessibility at the forefront. These include live transcriptions to support the deaf and talkback, Google’s screen reader. While this technology is innovative and intriguing, this technology is not new. Apple has similar capabilities.

Image Generation

CIDDL has published on artificial intelligence and image generation in the past. But are you familiar with Minion Intelligence? At the Super Bowl, the Minions showed the flaws of image generation as a way to advertise for the next Despicable Me movie. While the commercial showed the extent to which this technology can be used, it also highlighted the flaws of technology. The goal was to bring the humor of the minions to this technology, but it shows how powerful the image generation models are. How many flaws or hallucinations can you find in the commercial?

Bringing It Back to Personnel Preparation

First of all, the technologies in sports reporting (the overlays on the field, the ability to draw in real-time on top of the game, etc.) are incredible. Sports reporters (along with weather people and election reporters) should put together professional developments on how to use these innovative technologies to support understanding seamlessly. As for the face detection software, it brings these accessibility features and their importance to the mainstream population. As we prepare teachers and related personnel to support the needs of diverse learners, we must teach them about the built-in accessibility features of these tools and how to find, use, and teach them. One great way to learn more about assistive technologies is through the new AT Guidance document. As for the image generation commercials, we discussed the implications of image generation in a previous blog, but to summarize here, the ability to use image generation should save teachers time in creating visual supports for learners. 

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There were many innovative technologies present on and off the football field at the Super Bowl that have implications for classrooms. Join the conversation in our community.