Members of the CIDDL Tech Alliance pose for a group photo.

Introducing the Tech Alliance

Author: Samantha Goldman;

Recently, CIDDL received a supplement from the Office of Special Education to create a cohort of faculty from Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) looking to further integrate and leverage technology into their preparation programs. The first cohort of the CIDDL Tech Alliance met this past week to design a Technology Integration Plan (TIP) for their programs through a collaborative and iterative process, facilitated by CIDDL staff. The members of the Tech Alliance represent universities across the United States: Alabama A&M, Chico State University, Georgia Southern University, Indiana State University, University of Central Missouri, University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Idaho, University of Maine Orono, University of Southern Mississippi, and Washington Education Association’s Teacher in Residence Program. The members of the Tech Alliance worked together to identify barriers to technology integration, formulate goals for the coming year, identify strategies to assist in implementing those goals, and solutions to challenges with technology integration within their programs.

Meeting Goals

At the kick-off meeting, participants gathered as a cohort with the goals of the event being (1) to draft their TIP and (2) connect with members of their cohort outside of their programs. To facilitate connections, CIDDL staff member Christine Parsons from the University of Central Florida and host of our CIDDL Cizzles, utilized Liberating Structures, a support for building connections among groups through structured activities. Additionally, we leveraged low-tech methods (large post-its and markers, facilitate conversations) and high-tech methods (interactive notebooks and digital-based activities and structures) to work through the steps of the TIP plan.

Themes and Resources

In the future…

The event wrapped up with ensuring all participants of our CIDDL Community as a whole and the private groups just for the Tech Alliance. Members took pictures around the facility with their new cohort friends and even utilized the green screen to take a group picture. 

The Tech Alliance members are excited to continue working on their TIP, putting their plans into action, and future collaborations with their new cohort.