CIDDList: Podcasts for Your Summer Listen List

By Samantha Goldman | May 20, 2024
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The 2023-2024 academic year is ending. For some, this means hours in the car on road trips. For others, it means relaxing by the pool. And, others might be teaching summer courses. Regardless of how you are spending your summer months, this CIDDLlist is dedicated to providing you with podcasts you can listen to as you (1) catch up on professional learning, (2) forward planning for your future courses (check out this blog on how you can use podcasts as course “readings”), and (3) learn more about fringe interests.

S3 Summer Study Sessions: Virtual Writing Group for Doc Students

By Samantha Goldman | May 13, 2024
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CIDDL is excited to launch the first of several collaborative event series we have planned for this summer! Starting Tuesday, May 14, CIDDL will host a Pomodoro-Style writing group for doctoral students in special education and technology.

Understanding the AI in Your Classroom

By Samantha Goldman | May 6, 2024
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Classrooms, schools, and districts have been using AI support for years. A recent EdWeek article pointed out something very relevant: many teachers using AI may not be aware that they are using it. Thus, this blog aims to define AI and explore the various categories within the general umbrella term. Additionally, we will share common classroom tools that fit into each category.

Prompt Engineering for Teachers Using Generative AI: Brainstorming Activities and Resources

By Yerin Seung | April 29, 2024
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In the ever-evolving world of education, where teachers always look for innovative tools to enhance their teaching, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful ally. Tools like ChatGPT and Gemini have become invaluable for educators, offering a way to tailor lesson plans that meet the wide-ranging needs of students, including those with disabilities. With their advanced language processing skills, these AI tools allow teachers to quickly develop personalized, detailed content, cutting down on the time needed for lesson planning. This isn’t just about making teachers’ lives easier; it’s about bringing innovation and creativity into the classroom, making learning more engaging and comprehensive across different subjects and grade levels.

CIDDList: Exploring GPTs Available with ChatGPT Plus

By Samantha Goldman | April 22, 2024
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The premium version of ChatGPT offers users additional features that further support special education teachers and students. OpenAI offers GPTs within the system trained on specific content knowledge that can be used within a closed-loop organization or shared openly. These GPTs can be found through the ChatGPT interface on the left-hand side, where it says “Explore GPTs” or There’s an AI for That. Users should continue to be cautious when uploading data and avoid using identifiable and unredacted information.

Updates in the World of AI

By Samantha Goldman | April 15, 2024
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It seems as though we hear about a new iteration of ChatGPT or some other AI-related update every other day, if not more frequently. In this blog post, we will highlight a few interesting and exciting things that are available and on the horizon.

Emerging Trends in Special Education Technology: A Doctoral Scholar Symposium Part Two

By Teddy Kim | April 11, 2024
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On April 10th, 2024, CIDDL hosted a second “Emerging Trends in Special Educational Technology” webinar to highlight the innovative work of doctoral students. The invited panelists were Lauryn Castro from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Roba Hrisseh from George Mason University, Reagan Mergen from George Mason University, and Juli Taylor from the University of Kansas. Each panelist shared their work regarding special education technology and its impact on teacher and personnel preparation, followed by a Q&A session.

Get Ready for Part Two of “Emerging Trends in Special Education Technology: A Doctoral Scholar Symposium”

By Samantha Goldman | April 3, 2024
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CIDDL is excited to announce our second webinar highlighting the innovative work of doctoral students across the country. In this webinar, entitled “Emerging Trends in Special Education Technology: A Doctoral Scholar Symposium,” four researchers will share their current work and future plans as they relate to special education and the impact on teacher and personnel preparation. If you missed the last webinar, be sure to check it out!

Technologies to Support Progress Monitoring for Writing

By Samantha Goldman | March 26, 2024
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In this Brief, Dr. Rowland shares information regarding the importance of aligning evidence-based practices for writing with research-based technology. Additionally, it discusses the importance of progress monitoring for writing and why tools, such as the WRITE PM, are so helpful for future educators.

Using ChatGPT for Writing Lesson Plans

By Yerin Seung | March 25, 2024
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Teachers continually seek innovative tools to enhance their lesson planning in the ever-evolving education landscape. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide innovative solutions to support teachers in brainstorming creative and fun ideas for their lesson plans for students with and without disabilities. One of the most accessible tools is ChatGPT, based on generative AI with advanced language processing capabilities. This blog post delves into how teachers can leverage ChatGPT to brainstorm lesson plans effectively.