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We, as a national center, aim to provide resources encouraging innovation across the field that supports, advances, and/or investigates the use of educational technology in higher education and birth through 21 learning environments. Check out this post to read more about Research within the CIDDL framework.

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Implementing Universal Design for Learning In Higher Education: Examples and Resources

Author: Ling Zhang; info@ciddl.org In the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is defined as a scientifically validated framework that guides inclusive instructional practices …

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Placing Universal Design for Learning at the Heart of Instructional Design

Author: Nicholas Jay Hoekstra; info@ciddl.org In the September 2021 CIDDL Research and Practice Brief, we interview Dr. Kavita Rao, who is a professor in the Department of special education at …

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CIDDL Cizzles: How Can Video Games and Key Lime Pie Support Fractions Learning?

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org What might come to your mind when you’re eating a Key Lime Pie? CIDDL’s Christine Parsons and Dr. Ling Zhang bring contestant #1, Dr. Mattew Marino, …

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Engage in Conversation: How Does Social Justice Intersect Educational Technology?

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org How does research on social justice intersect educational technology? An earlier CIDDL Research and Practice Brief may give us some insights into this topic. In this …

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Micro-Credentials: Personalized Professional Development

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org In an earlier CIDDL Research and Practice Brief, we interviewed Dr. Richard Carter, an assistant professor at the University of Wyoming (UW), who researches the education …