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We, as a national center, aim to provide resources encouraging innovation across the field that supports, advances, and/or investigates the use of educational technology in higher education and birth through 21 learning environments. Check out this post to read more about Research within the CIDDL framework.

An image showing a person is using iPad as assistive technology

Assistive Technology and UDL: Past Lessons and Future Opportunities

Author: Nicholas Jay Hoekstra; info@ciddl.org In the December 2021 CIDDL Research and Practice Brief, we interview Dr. Dave Edyburn. Dr. Edyburn is Senior Research Scientist and Professor Emeritus in the …

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Range of Use for Educational Technologies: Why It Matters to Teacher Education

Author: Ling Zhang; Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org Are you aligning technology use and learning goals in your classrooms? Are you thinking critically about what tools students are gaining familiarity with through …

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Offering FAPE in Online Settings: Implications for Teacher Education

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org At the December Affinity Group “Evolving Roles and Experiences in Virtual Classroom: Implications for Teacher Preparation”, we explored how higher education faculty members learn about and …

An image showing a person is using iPad as assistive technology

Assisting Teachers in Understanding Assistive Technology: What Recent Research Says

Author: Nicholas Jay Hoekstra; info@ciddl.org The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (2004) defines assistive technology (AT) as “any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the …

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An Investment in Teachers’ Skills is an Investment in Digital Technology Use

Author: James Rujimora; info@ciddl.org As COVID-19 continues to affect our society, specifically our education systems, teachers are increasingly asked to integrate digital technology in the classroom. The merits of technology …