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Social Media as PD for Pre- and In-Service Teachers

Last year, CIDDL hosted a webinar with Stefanie McKoy and Krystle Merry, both doctoral students at the University of Arkansas focusing on the concept of netnography, using social media to explore cultural experiences, such as the career of a teacher. During the webinar, (which you should check out, if you haven’t), McKoy and Merry discussed ways in which teacher preparation faculty can leverage instagram, a resource many pre-service teachers are already using for bite-sized PD, to teach critical skills of lesson planning.
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Hashtags, Social Media, and UDL in Teacher Preparation

Student choice is an important aspect of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which is often hard to provide when you are trying to find resources that relate to your course goals. If you want all your students to receive the same background information, how can you give choice?