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UDL in Student Voices

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a powerful framework that emphasizes the importance of empowering students to be the owners and leaders of their learning. UDL leads us to ask what are students needing from higher education institutions to help them reach their goals? The Student Voice survey study from Inside Higher Education and College Pulse has given us new insight into what students are asking for, and what role UDL can play in helping all students succeed in their postsecondary careers. The study received responses from 3,004 responses from students at 128 two- and four-year institutions of higher education. Students from around the world are clearly asking for what UDL has been recommending for years!
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CIDDList: An Updated Packing List for the Tech Lover on Vacay

Summer is here. It’s a time students (both K-12 and college), teachers, and teacher-educators relax, rewind, and re-energize. And, mixed in with that re-ing is excitement for the future. Whether you dream of the back-to-school sales with aisles filled with the prettiest pens and folders or the first day of classes when everything is shiny and new, at least part of summer is spent in anticipation for the coming year. In this CIDDList, we will share some must-have items to take with you on vacation to allow you to do the re-ing and the prepping!
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Chef Ruth Ziolkowski: Choices of Quiches and Literacy Toolbars

In our most recent CIZZLE, Ruth Ziolkowski from TextHelp and Don Johnston shared about the Literacy Toolbars designed to support learners with reading and writing support needs. Though supports, like read aloud, are becoming more common on publisher’s platforms, the benefit to toolbars, Ruth shares, is that they are always there, regardless of the platform. She compared this to always knowing where your measuring cups are in your kitchen.
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CIDDList: 10 Podcasts You Should Listen to This Summer

It’s hard to believe that the spring semester is almost over. Whether you are teaching classes this summer, taking an exotic vacation (check out our must-haves for packing), or stay-cationing from your couch, summer is this elusive time where you tell yourself you are going to do all the things that you didn’t during the academic year. One of those, for me at least, is catching up on the trending topics in education.
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So, AI Ruined Your Term Paper Assignment?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made headlines since the release of ChatGPT at the end of 2022. The current advances in AI have changed the game for the future of writing. To this end, higher education and K-12 school faculty throughout the land cried foul because it ruined their course term papers, automatic answering of multiple-choice tests, or writing of any basic writing prompt. The resolution to this problem varies with most electing to ban the technology however, this is not a viable solution!