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Google Workspace for Data Collection

By Jenee Vickers Johnson | September 22, 2022
Data-based decision making (DBDM) is the process by which professionals collect, graph, and analyze observational data to inform instructional decisions. With some modifications, Google Workspace may be a practical alternative to support DBDM for special education professionals.
A rendering of a classroom with students participating in various activities. A teacher presents at a whiteboard while three students look on from a nearby table. The table has another student joining via video conferencing from a tablet. Two other students use a TV to watch a video and take notes on a laptop. The classroom is filled with alternative seating and various activities.

Sustainable Mixed Presence Instruction is Possible

By info@ciddl.org | August 25, 2022
Whether or not your class is scheduled to be in person, we can expect the need for students to be away. These class settings, with on-site and online students learning together synchronously, are called “mixed presence” settings.
A woman looks through Virtual Reality goggles to see various images and videos spread out before her.

I’ll Cross that Virtual Bridge When I Come to It: Orientation and Mobility Training in Virtual Environments

By Nick Hoekstra | August 23, 2022
One technology that has shown potential for creating safe spaces for teaching/practicing O&M skills is virtual reality (VR). According to Thevin and colleagues (2020), VR systems create immersive, interactive environments that provide students the opportunity for trial and error . Besides visual feedback, VR systems can provide both haptic and auditory information for the benefit of individuals who are blind or low vision.
Three students work on laptops and write in journals while working together around a table.

Preparing for the Fall Semester: The Wrap Up

By Samantha Goldman | August 18, 2022
This summer, we set out to provide resources to support faculty in aligning technology standards, designing inclusive syllabi, giving tips and tricks to integrate technology, and providing specific tools that can be used in preparation programs.
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UDL Implementation in Teacher Preparation Programs

By Ashley Grays | July 26, 2022
UDL Implementation in Teacher Preparation Programs Author: Ashley Grays; info@ciddl.org CIDDL invited Dr. Stephanie Craig, and Ann Kaufman to discuss using UDL in Teacher Preparation Programs. Facilitated by Dr. Tara Courchaine, Chief Research & Development Officer at CAST, these two…
A person is using phone and laptop for social media as part of online culture

Netnography: The Why and The How to Researching Social Media

By Samantha Goldman | June 24, 2022
Netnography: The Why and the How to Researching Social Media Authors: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org In the most recent CIDDL webinar, Dr. Tara Courchaine, Chief Research and Development Officer at CAST, facilitated a discussion regarding netnography with Stefanie McKoy and Krystle…
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Support Self-Efficacy for Pre-Service and First-Year Teachers

By info@ciddl.org | June 2, 2022
Support Self-Efficacy for Pre-Service and First-Year Teachers Author: James Rujimora; info@ciddl.org COVID-19 will have proximal and distal effects on the education system for years to come. One of the proximal effects of COVID-19 is how the pandemic affected teacher preparation…
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Assistive Technology Solutions to Support Math

By Kenneth Holman | May 31, 2022
This is post 8 of 9 in the series “Assistive Technology” Assisting Teachers in Understanding Assistive Technology: What Recent Research Says Introducing the Assistive Technology Blog Series Preparing Pre-Service Educators to Make AT Decisions 3 Key Questions When Considering Assistive…
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When Virtual Coaching Go Hand in Hand with Professional Development

By info@ciddl.org | May 24, 2022
When Virtual Coaching Go Hand in Hand with Professional Development Author: James Rujimora; info@ciddl.org Digital Literacy (DL) is a teacher’s ability to integrate and use technology critically, wisely, and meaningfully within a classroom. The National Education Technology Plan (NETP) 2016…
Two women engage in a conversation in front of a laptop showing a collaboration effort.

Collaboration with Families: Bringing Research to Practice

By Samantha Goldman | April 20, 2022
This is post 8 of 9 in the series “Affinity Group: Preparing teachers to teach online” Preparing Pre-service Teachers for Hybrid/Online Learning Offering FAPE in Online Settings: Implications for Teacher Education Jamming with Jamboard in Your Higher Ed Classroom Using…