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The CIDDL Community: We Need You

Author: Samantha Goldman;

CIDDL is the Center for Innovation, Design, and Digital Learning and our mission is to improve faculty’s capacity to use educational technology in personnel preparation programs. Part of our role is to teach about new and emerging technologies as they relate to students with disabilities, teachers and related service providers, higher education faculty, and other leaders in education. We do this through blog posts (like this one), webinars, research and practice briefs, and CIZZLEs

But, these resources are only a small part of what we do at CIDDL. You are a necessary part of CIDDL. Your input, your voice, your expertise, and your needs are at the forefront of what we do and are. Past ways to get involved with CIDDL included Affinity Groups and our needs assessment. And, you can participate in our community every single day.

Get Involved!

What is super exciting is we are launching an engagement campaign to learn more about our community. We’re even giving away a CIDDL swag bag. We’re focusing on the topic of “What is the role of technology in the training of preservice teachers?”. Each day, we will pose a different question to the members of our community. 

We’re posting the questions daily on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and will look forward to reading your responses within our private community

May 1: Introduce yourself and the programs in which you work

May 2: What’s your favorite tech and how are you using it?

May 3: How does tech affect preservice teachers?

May 4: What challenges do you have with Tech instruction?

May 5: How can we support you with increasing your ability to use technology in your program?

Here’s how you can get entered into the drawing:

  1. Comment on the post! Share with us your thoughts on the daily questions.
  2. Like the comments by other members.
  3. Comment on other people’s ideas!
  4. Come back the next day!

Can’t wait to hear from you!