Upcoming CIDDL Webinars

Range of Use for Educational Technologies and Implications for Teacher Education

December 15th at 12pm CT

Are you aligning technology use and learning goals in your classrooms? Are you thinking critically about what tools students are gaining familiarity with through learning experiences? Since 1999, Metiri Group has served as the leader in evaluation of educational technology projects. Their Range of Use for Educational Technologies has helped preK-20 leaders understand the depth of opportunity that technology provides while providing a lens to thoughtfully empower and prepare all students for their futures. Join CIDDL as they invite Cheryl Lemke and Dr. Jody Britten to discuss Metiri’s Range of Use, share the research, highlight the background that drove this tool to become a staple in framing our practice and goals in educational technology use for the past twenty years, and gain access to their Range of Use resource library for educators and leaders. This insightful conversation will be facilitated by Dr. James Basham and will leave you with a framework and strategies for use and much more. Join us on December 15th, 2021 at 12 pm CST for a conversation focused on the Range of Use for Educational Technologies.

Featured Panelists

Cheryl Lemke

Metiri Group

Jody Britten

Metiri Group

Headshot of Dr. James Basham

James Basham

University of Kansas (Moderator)

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December 8th, 2021 at 1 pm CST

This Affinity Group, hosted by the CEEDAR Center, will build the capacity of higher education faculty to support the critical development of K-12 educators to plan, design, and deliver effective instruction within the range of online and hybrid learning environments.