A woman looks through Virtual Reality goggles to see various images and videos spread out before her.

I’ll Cross that Virtual Bridge When I Come to It: Orientation and Mobility Training in Virtual Environments

One technology that has shown potential for creating safe spaces for teaching/practicing O&M skills is virtual reality (VR). According to Thevin and colleagues (2020), VR systems create immersive, interactive environments that provide students the opportunity for trial and error . Besides visual feedback, VR systems can provide both haptic and auditory information for the benefit of individuals who are blind or low vision.
A person is using phone and laptop for social media as part of online culture

Netnography: The Why and The How to Researching Social Media

Netnography: The Why and the How to Researching Social Media Authors: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org In the most recent CIDDL webinar, Dr. Tara Courchaine, Chief Research and Development Officer at CAST, facilitated a discussion regarding netnography with Stefanie McKoy and Krystle…