1. AI Episode 1: Intro to Artificial Intelligence in Teaching
  2. AI Episode 2: What Does An AI Teaching Assistant Look Like?
  3. AI Episode 3: Implications for Thought Leaders and Policy Developers
  4. Introducing Simulations into Teacher Preparation Programs
  5. Assistive Technology to Support Writing
  6. Enhancing Instruction and Empowering Educators with AI Tools and Technology
  7. So, AI Ruined Your Term Paper Assignment?
  8. Step by Step Use of Chat GPT
  9. CIDDL ChatGPT: Summarizing Text
  10. CIDDL ChatGPT: Solving Multiple Choice Questions
  11. Equity, Diversity, and Access to Technology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  12. CIDDL ChatGPT: Writing Programs
  13. CIDDL ChatGPT: Solving Word Problems
  14. Artificial Intelligence: Positives and Negatives in the Mathematics Classroom
  15. AI to Support Literacy
  16. Using the AI Bill of Rights to Guide Education’s use of AI and the European Commission’s “Ethical Guidelines for Teaching and Learning” to Guide the Future of AI in Education Part 1 of 2
  17. Using the AI Bill of Rights to Guide Education’s use of AI and the European Commission’s “Ethical Guidelines for Teaching and Learning” to Guide the Future of AI in Education Part 2 of 2
  18. Three Free & Easy Tools to Support Tiered Reading in Your Classroom
  19. The Question of Equity in the Age of ChatGPT
  20. CIDDList: 5 AIs You Need to Check Out This Summer!
  21. Mixed Reality Simulations, Personalized Learning, AI, and the Future of Education with Dr. Chris Dede
  22. Foundations for AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning from the US Department of Educational Technology
  23. Apple Enters the AR/VR/MR/XR Scene
  24. ChatGPT, AIs, and the IEP?
  25. There’s An AI for That: A Site Dedicated to Curating AIs
  26. UDL, Design Learning, and Personalized Learning
  27. Embracing the Future: How Teachers Can Harness AI at the Beginning of the School Year
  28. Empowering Special Education Faculty: Navigating the AI Landscape in Higher Education for 2023-2024.
  29. CIDDList: Back-to-School Checklist for Technology in Teacher Preparation Courses
  30. Cracking the Code: Students with Disabilities in the Computer Sciences 
  31. UNESCO Discusses Artificial Intelligence
  32. AI-integrated Apps for Those with Visual Impairments: Camera-Based Identifiers and Readers
  33. Publishers Respond to Generative AI
  34. K-12 Generative AI Readiness Checklist
  35. CIDDL Talks How AI Will Change Special Education at TED
  36. Re-designing and Aligning an Intro to Special Education Class to the UDL Framework through Technology Integration: Minimizing Threats and Distractions
  37. Resources for Learning About AI Going Into 2024
  38. Artificial Intelligence in Education 2023: A Year in Review
  39. Revolutionizing Mathematics Education in K-12 with AI: The Role of ChatGPT
  40. Image Generating AI and Implications for Teacher Preparation
  41. Are We There Yet? AI for Statistical Analysis
  42. Answers to Your AI Questions: A Conversation with Yacine Tazi
  43. Emerging Trends in Special Education Technology: A Doctoral Scholar Symposium
  44. 2024: A Space Odyssey? How AI and Technology of the Present Compares to HAL9000 and the Predictions of 2001: A Space Odyssey
  45. Using ChatGPT for Writing Lesson Plans
  46. Updates in the World of AI
  47. CIDDList: Exploring GPTs Available with ChatGPT Plus
  48. Prompt Engineering for Teachers Using Generative AI: Brainstorming Activities and Resources
  49. Understanding the AI in Your Classroom

CIDDList: 5 AIs You Need to Check Out This Summer!

Author: Samantha Goldman; info@ciddl.org

CIDDL, and, let’s face it, the world as a whole, has been fascinated with the launch of AI and how it is and will impact our lives. We have talked a lot about the impact of ChatGPT, and how it can be used to support literacy, math, and even solve word problems. In a recent CIZZL, our chef Tiffanie Zaugg used it to generate her recipe. But, did you know that there are literally thousands of AIs that have been developed with specific roles and areas of expertise? 

There’s an AI for that

Yup. That is the website’s name that focuses on curating, categorizing, and disseminating information about all of the AIs that are being developed and in existence. There are some AIs listed that are purely for fun, like Botify, where you can have a conversation with famous characters including Cleopatra and Sherlock Holmes. And, if you are always looking for a chess partner, there’s an AI for that too! 

5 AIs to Explore This Summer for Personnel Preparation

  1. Cool MindMaps: Breaking down tasks, understanding the various steps of a task, and developing specific objectives are complex procedures that educators and related service personnel need to be able to do in order to support their students. With Cool MindMaps, you can input a question or subject and it will break it down into an easy-to-follow flow chart. 
  2. Curipod: This AI does it all for lesson planning. Give it a concept and it will create the presentation with embedded activities for teachers to use with their students. 
  3. Trellis: This AI looks like it has the potential to be a game changer for special education. It has the ability to change text complexity and even create visuals to support the information. However, there is a waitlist, so I wasn’t able to try it out. 
  4. Slait: An AI that teaches you ASL! Dr. Lorna Quandt, introduced us to using mixed reality to learn ASL in a previous research and practice brief. This AI works with you as you learn the language. 
  5. Essay Grader: Evaluating writing is time-consuming and a hard task to teach. Using an AI, like Essay Grader, provides pre-service teachers the opportunity to see how essays score on a rubric and suggestions for feedback. It even has error detection. Pre-service teachers can use this to help guide them while they are learning what makes a good writer.

Which AIs are You Loving?

There are over 4,000 AIs on the site and more are being developed all the time. Check out There’s an AI for That and explore what you could use to help you or your pre-service teachers. Then, head over to our community and share about it! We would love to learn from you!